Midland Radios with Headsets (Set of 2)


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At Honig's, we know how important communicating is for officials during a game or an event. With that in mind, we proudly offer the communication system by Midland. It is quick and easy to use, and is perfect for any level game or event you are currently working.
The Midland LXT600BB comes complete with a pair of radios, two rechargeable battery packs, a recharging station, and a pair of concealed headsets for unobtrusive communication. The radios feature 36 Channels, Silent Operation, eVox for hands free operation and NOAA Weather Alert technology. 
The system is simple to operate! Select the channel you will use for the game or event. Clip the radio on your belt, the microphone to your collar, and put in the earpiece…you are all set to go! Perfect for any sport, event or personal use like hunting, camping or hiking!

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