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Defender of the Dome

Traditional in looks only, the Force 3 Pro Gear Traditional Defender Mask is on the cutting-edge of innovation and player safety.

This finely tuned mechanical device has been masterfully engineered, tried, tested, and unconditionally trusted by players and umpires at every level around the world. An Official Catcher’s Mask Partner of the MLBPA, FORCE3 Pro Gear is seen all over the major leagues and is permanently enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame where it is proudly recognized as the first real evolution to the catcher’s mask in over 100 years.

It's time that you joined the movement and start using:

The one with the springs.



  • Patented dual mask S3 Shock Suspension System significantly reduces the force of frontal impacts
  • Independently tested by one of four National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) approved testing facilities in the world
  • NOCSAE tests showed that the Force3 Defender Mask drastically reduced G-Force levels from 70mph softball and 100mph baseball impacts and established the Defender as the clear-cut leader in sports equipment safety.*
  • Tubular alloy construction is incredibly strong and lightweight, keeping the mask at only 28 ounces and making it our lightest and most protective mask ever
  • Single bar construction provides an unrestricted view of the field
  • Powder-coated for superior finish
  • Includes completely adjustable, heavy duty nylon harness built with stretch fabric to keep mask snug and in place at all times
  • Padding is lined in Dupont™ Kevlar™ .  It is an integral part of Force3 Pro Gear’s Patented S3 Shock Suspension System for ultimate force dispersion
  • Highly-engineered and tested high-impact memory foam surrounds the Kevlar™ for ultimate comfort
  • BUILT TO LAST – Pad system is covered with synthetic leather for protection from damaging UV rays, entire interior is also encapsulated in a plastic coating to repel sweat and prolong the life of the mask
  • A band of top-grade genuine leather insert holds mask firmly in place and increases breathability where mask touches skin
  • Entire mask is designed to counterbalance the S3 Shock Suspension System, making the Defender feel even lighter than other brands
  • One size fits all



  • PROVEN PROTECTION - Kevlar® has been used by law enforcement and the military for decades
  • ABRASION & PUNCTURE RESISTANCE - Kevlar® fiber boosts impact abrasion resistance, lessens wear, provides puncture protection and tear resistance
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Kevlar® fiber is five times stronger than steel (on an equal weight basis), providing lightweight strength without sacrificing performance or protection
  • STRONG & RUGGED - Kevlar® fiber maintains its high-performance qualities, like tensile strength, even after repeated stress and strain



The FORCE3 Pro Gear Defender Mask is a highly engineered mechanical device.  Please ensure you always adhere to the following instructions:

1) For optimal performance the FORCE3 Pro Gear Traditional Defender Mask must NOT be worn loose.  It must be fitted properly and snug to your face/head.

2) Under no circumstances should you use any accessories other than those designed by FORCE3 Pro Gear for specific use with your Defender Mask.  Every component is designed to work together to provide you with the best protection when withstanding an impact.

3) You must inspect your mask after every impact to ensure it is in its original, intact condition. If there are any questions or concerns, please do not wear the mask and contact us immediately at


CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  Wipe with damp cloth as needed.


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