Coda Room Custom Audio Crosstalk Full-Duplex Official-To-Official Communication System

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Crosstalk Full-Duplex Official-To-Official Communication System.

The CROSSTALK Full-Duplex Official-to-Official Communication System offers unmatched professional communication at a pricepoint normally out of reach for the average official. CROSSTALK is a professional-grade, full-duplex intercom that boasts agile frequency hopping for strong, seamless connection and crystal-clear audio to ensure uninterrupted communication between officials in any type of environment.  

All this capability comes in an extremely small, comfortable package!  CROSSTALK weighs just 70 grams, and is roughly half the size of a traditional Midland two-way radio.  Full-duplex communication means up to six officials can be speaking at once, with an unlimited number of listeners possible.  The units can be user-set to latch on or off, or work in PTT mode.   Furthermore, the CROSSTALK system launches with multiple compatible headset systems - clear-coil surveillance style, pro boom style, and over-the-ear headsets, all available with or without integrated PTT buttons in line.

Model CT-35
Type Full-duplex wireless communication intercom
Usable Frequency 902-928MHz
Number of Channels 4
Power Source Lithium polymer 3.7V, 1,300mA
L.O.S. Transmission Distance Up to 500m
Battery Time 10 hrs
Charging Time 3hr 0-100%
Weather Resistance IP54
Weight 70g
Dimensions 1.5in x 3in x 0.75in 
Display Backlit LCD
Ambient Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ 60℃

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