Coda Room Pro Boom Headset with Midland Radio Push-To-Talk Adapter


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Boom mic headset with ‘Push-To-Talk’ [PTT] adapter for officiating radios. Large in-line push-to-talk button clips to your belt to make it easy to control opening your mic and keep the line noise-free. 

Pro boom headset fits comfortably over your right or left ear. The super-clear microphone delivers detailed sound without harshness. 

 Compatible with Coda Room Audio custom-fit radio earpieces! 

 Fits: Midland and like (S2) connector radios which have a 2-pin, 11MM spaced connector. 

 Does Not Fit: Most Retevis radios [Model #RT19, #RT22, etc.] which have a 2-pin 10MM spaced connector.

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