All-Star FM4000 Mask Sun Visor


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All-Star FM4000 Mask Sun Visor.

  • Reduce glare from sun and bright lights
  • Does not restrict visibility
  • Lightweight, sleek design
  • Easily attaches to All-Star FM4000 masks (Magnesium & System 7 steel). No hardware to attach.
  • Color: Cobalt Blue Chrome

Please note: This traditional mask sun visor is only compatible with our FM4000-series masks (steel and magnesium). It does not fit any other masks.

** Mask not included.

Installation Instructions:
Remove top mask pad. Slide visor from behind center bars with edges of visor laying on top of the edge mask frame bars. Feed center Velcro strap through center slot of visor, followed by left and right Velcro straps throught left and right visor slots, around the mask frame and connect straps.

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