Chief Executive Officer and NFL Official

Greg is from Torrance, CA and has BS in Accounting from the University of Southern California.  Greg started officiating football and basketball in 1987. In 1990, Greg was hired into the JUCO and D3 football. From 1998 through 2007, Greg officiated football in the WAC, Mountain West, PAC 10, Arena Football2, Arena Football, and the NFL Europe. In 2008 Greg was hired into the NFL as a Side Judge and is currently in his 15th season as a Back Judge assigned #119.  He has worked a Championship, 2 Divisional, and 6 Wild card playoff assignments and was an Alternate Official in Super Bowl XLVI & Super Bowl LIV and 4 other Alternate Official playoff assignments. Greg started his work career in 1990 at Arthur Andersen in the audit division focusing on real estate.  In 1996, Greg made a career change, becoming a Police Officer for the LAPD spending his last 16 years as a Motor Officer before retiring in 2018.  Greg started investing in real estate in 1992. In 2017 Greg and his investment partner, Ted Hooten, sold a property and used the proceeds to purchase Honigs. Whistle Stop. With Honigs being owned and operated by active sports officials, the mission is to continue the legacy of founder Dick Honig of being the premier Officiating uniform apparel company in the business. Besides Greg's active involvement in Honigs, he also puts together real estate investment groups to acquire commerical real estate, an investor in RefReps, LLC, officiates JUCO and D3 basketball in SoCal, and instructs, grades, evaluates Big12, Mountain West, Southland football officials, and attends numerous football camps as a clinican. His passion is to help officials suceed in the business and look thier best!

Greg's Back Story: In 1998 Greg got hired into the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) and then in 1999 he joined the Mountain West Conference (MWC) when it was newly formed working both as a Side Judge and Back Judge.

In 2000, he was hired into Arena Football 2 then in 2004 Greg was hired into the Arena Football League (AFL). He was also hired into NFL Europe as a Back Judge working it for the next four years along with AFL and the college football schedule in the MWC and the PAC 10 in 2007.

In 2008, Greg was hired into the NFL as Side Judge and in 2009 he was switched over to Back Judge. Greg has been assigned 10 on field playoff assignments, 2 Super Bowl alternate assignments, and 4 other alternate assignments. He also grades, evaluates, and instructs for the Big 12, MWC, and Southland conferences for football.

In 2019 he restarted officiating basketball working in 4 Southern California Junior College conferences. Greg purchased a Honig's Whistle Stop in 2017 along with Ted Hooten so Dick Honig could transition into retirement and assume the role of an advisor.

Honig's was the original national uniform and apparel provider to Officials and Umpires. He wanted to carry on the great Honig's tradition of the best quality uniforms, outstanding customer service, and being the brand to wear for Officials and Umpires at all levels both on and off the field.

Greg's passion is making sure the Officials look great on the field or court with the uniforms and gear. He also wants to help resolve the issue of the shortage of officials. Most importantly, I have no tolerance for Officials / Umpires being treated improperly by the coaches, fans, parents, and players. The abuse of officials must stop.

Besides Honig's, Greg also puts together real estate investment groups to purchase apartment buildings, commercial properties, and warehouses, primarily in the Denver area. He is also an investor in Ref Reps, LLC which provides online training for Officials and Umpires. This program is great for both new and existing officials. Greg am also a huge supporter of our military, police, fire, and all first responders.