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"Dry-Lo" Ball Bag

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By popular demand, inspired by professional umpire Mark Lollo's original design, these handcrafted ball bags are high quality, oversized, heavy duty and water-resistant to keep sweat off of the baseballs. When Lollo was working in The Gulf Coast League in 2002 it was a struggle to keep the baseballs dry. He enlisted his Grandmother Bernie Jorgenson to design a new and improved ball bag that would help to withstand the heat and the sweat of a baseball game. Grandma went into action and designed an amazing ball bag that could withstand the torment of a hard worked game.

After more than a year of testing and many prototypes, we had a design that was not only bigger but also "Water-Safe" for holding baseballs. Once word of these bags were developed, we could not produce enough to keep up with demand!

Now known as the "Dry-Lo's", we've kept the same basic design and enhanced it with greater durability, strength, and quality. Manufactured to our specifications, each ball bag is handcrafted with our signature "home plate" design between the belt loops. Each ball bag has a special "Water-Safe" polyester fabric that was bonded with a special high strength glue under more than a ton of pressure.

The Dry-lo

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